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Slade and Kelson

The Slade family
was merchants of Poole and Newfoundland.  John Slade of Poole established in Newfoundland in the second half of the 18th century.  The business was originally headquartered at Twillingate, moving later to Fogo and expanding north to Battle Harbour.

Robert Slade left John Slade & Company of Poole in 1804 to establish his own business in Trinity, Newfoundland.  He bought a house there and leased a mercantile premises belonging to John Jeffrey on the west side of the harbour near Hog’s Nose.  By 1833 the Slade Plantation occupied large premises and wharfs on both sides of Hog’s Nose, and at Maggoty Cove, which included a cooperage and a forge.

The company owned and operated a number of schooners and was involved in the seal and salt fish fisheries.  From 1809 – 1851, William Kelson managed the Trinity branch for Robert Slade and wrote the most complete set of diaries to date.

In this section you can read some of Kelson’s diary entries regarding shipbuilding that was taking place in Trinity during that time period, as well as some correspondence to and from Robert Slade.


Slade & Kelson

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