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The Newhook's

The Newhook family is known by many as the greatest family of shipbuilders in the history of Newfoundland. Charles Newhook (first) was brought out from Europe to Newfoundland, around the year 1777, by the mercantile firm of Benjamin Lester, to be its master shipbuilder at Trinity, Trinity Bay.  He would then start a legacy for the Newhook family, and the tradition of boat building and the Newhook name would be passed from generation to generation.

Although there is some discrepancy of where the residence of the Newhook’s were over their livelihood in Trinity Bay, it is well known that they did work for the most wealthy merchants of their time and was known as the most skilled shipbuilders in the land.

Through this section you read a document which tells the genealogy of the Newhook family as well as a reference to Charles Newhook in the Slade and Kelson diaries.


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