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Grieve & Bremner

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Grieve & Bremner

The firm of Grieve and Bremner was formed by Walter Grieve (1809 – 1887) and Alexander Warren Bremner (-1886), establishing at Trinity, circa 1863.  Grieve had been a partner in Baine, Johnston & Company, but withdrew in 1855 to form Walter Grieve and Company.  He subsequently entered into the partnership with Bremner.  The firm purchased the Slade property at Trinity, and in 1869, leased the Garland premises from John Bingley Garland, making them the major merchant in Trinity at that time.

During the 1860’s Walter Grieve lived primarily in Scotland, while Alexander W. Bremner managed the firm at Trinity.  The firm engaged in all aspects of the trade and maintained a huge inventory of goods in Trinity.  Sealing was an important aspect of the firm’s business and each year vessels were sent to the ice.

In this section you will read some diary entries which tell of some boat launches as well as some construction of new vessels in Trinity.


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