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Early Shipbuilding


Early shipbuilding was quite different from modern shipbuilding, the biggest difference being the materials used.  In years past, local shipbuilders would normally use local wood which would be cut and hauled during winter months.  The ships would then be constructed over the winter and into the spring to be used in the coming fishing season.

Most of the wealthy merchants would hire their own master shipbuilders along with other labourers to complete this task for them.  Whereas, the common folk would have to complete this task themselves, while possibly calling on help from a family member or friend.

In this section you will read some diary entries from wealthy merchants of Trinity, Newfoundland.  You will also get to read a document referring to the Newhook family who is known by many Newfoundlanders as the greatest shipbuilding family in the history of Newfoundland history.

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The Newhook's

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