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Grieve & Bremner

One of Messrs Garland’s Trinity dealers was put into gaol the other day, on a charge of breaking into a store (W. Verges) & stealing there from, molasses & one barrel of pork. It is well that he is caught, as it will have an excellent effect on others & particularly should he be condemned. Be as it will he must remain in goal till the circuit court opens in October. The Sally’s upper works are getting bad. We have patched her up so as to go with safety one spring more to the ice, & then she must next fall or summer get a thorough repair. The Anna too, had many little jobs to finish, & the interior of her cabin is yet to be fitted up. The Swallow is now under hand & our builder Newhook declares that her stern was scandalously handled in Poole. Justice he say’s was very far from being done. We shall do just as much as will make her safe for another spring’s ice hunting, but we might fail in making sale of her at a fair price this fall. In consequence of not being furnished with the necessary bread, we give up the idea of sending the Anna into Placentia Bay & by the way of keeping servants employed, which we cannot get rid of, till their times are up, we may probably next month send her to the northern to cut a load of timbers, or a good frame preparatory to another ice hunter for the spring of 1832.

26th August bags of fine bread remaining 59 bags of corn bread J.B. & G.G. remaining 33

Total amount of are Trinity Collection of fish to this day & which you will say is sufficiently frightful.

2630 ½ - 192 ½ - 58 exactly 4538 qtls less then if it was to this date last year

From Heart’s Content we have recd 766 qtls made and 64 cullage

Every kind of bait seems to have forsaken us otherwise the planters would yet get a little fish, & particularly on the Catalina ground.

The enclosed bill for £34.15 sterling Honor grant on John Rogers, please receive & place to the credit of Robert Grant of Trinity, on your Poole books, & advise him in the fall.

For your information we enclose a copy of a short letter we wrote Mr. Bremner yesterday.

We cannot help reverting again to the subject of your complaint respecting the vessels for we confess we do not feel very easy under the imputation of extravagance which you have applied to us through the medium of the ship’s master.

Always having had the interest of your trade at heart, we have felt anxious, perhaps over anxious to see your vessels appear respectable & in a fit state to keep pace in some degree with your neighbors; and if you deem this extravagance & condemn for such a feeling, then we are doubtless open to your sensor and as to the Louisa Hanh. in particular, she is the best fish vessel & perhaps the fastest sailer that comes to the island, and further she as for years been generally destined to contend with our powerful neighbors in carrying the first fish to market and would it not be most preposterous to keep such a vessel as this short of canvas, cordage or any other necessary and after all we have given her, look at the Dolphin, with whom she has so often to grapple & you will find that your vessel is not provided with so many sails as she neither does she spreads so many yards of canvas, by something considerable, and we do not think Messrs Garland have lost anything through their liberal plan, whatever your trade may have suffered by it. However, for the future you may rely on it, we will give them nothing but what they cannot go to sea without, as it is your intention to furnish them with all the real necessities in Poole.

Source: Trinity Historical Society



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