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The name Vokey has played quite a pivotal role in Newfoundland shipbuilding throughout many generations.  First, starting in the small (now resettled) community of Little Harbour, to, in later years, having larger operations by different Vokey families located in Trinity.

Over the years the Vokey family adapted to the changes in the shipbuilding industry, from starting out building the traditional wooden boats many years ago, to building state of the art fiberglass and steel vessels in the past decade. Although the family was able to keep up with the changing times, due to the demise of the cod fishery most of the Vokey family is no longer building boats and have turned to other trades to make a living.

Throughout this section you will be able to view photos and video, listen to audio and read articles which will bring you from the early days of the Vokey era up until the most modern ways of building large vessels.

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