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Sept 5/1912

Dear Mr. Pioux

I suppose you will think I have forgotten you but I have been kept in the move continually.

The work as it progresses keeps me busy every day.

You will see by late dispatches the terrible weather this country is experiencing rain every day since. Seams I have only seen the sum once to date.

The weather is delaying the hull work considerably but the engines for 898 are going ahead rapidly.

The keel stern & stem frame & tank floors are all in place & by the end of next week the frames will be erected. The joiner work for saloon & cabins is getting into shape & between the boiler shop at my end of the yard and the hull at the other my hands are full. I notice sum of the engines are not very well finished but are good running jobs.

The Neptune yard is building a large passenger & cargo steamer for Spanish owners fitted with triple screws too reciprocating engines & wing propellers driven by low pressure turbines some of this work is very roughly finished.

I do not like 898ís propeller I think pitch is too fine for ice work & the Revolutions 105 to high.

I trust all the ships are running ok & you are having better weather on your side of the water.

Yours very truly,

W.C. Harvey


Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives