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Monday Sept 2nd, 1912

Messrs. The Reid Newfoundland Co., St. Johnís, Newfoundland

Dear Sirs,

Nos. 898 & 906

We have experienced exceptionally wet weather in this district during this summer, and you may recently have observed newspapers reports of disastrous floods in our Eastern Countries.

During the month of August, in which after deducting Sundays and Holidays there were only 25 working days, we has rain on almost every day, and 7 days (or 28% of the total available) were so wet that our outside workmen were unable to work. Odd batches of workmen were also stopped on other days.

This unusual weather has interfered largely with shipbuilding generally in this district and has delayed progress with your new steamers.

Yours faithfully,

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives