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Dear Sir,- I am well pleased to be able to say that at last there is a great improvement in the mail and passenger service on Placentia Bay. It is an immense pleasure for the traveler to step on board the really beautiful S.S. ‘Argyle,’ where every comfort is obtainable, conjoined with the gratifying feeling that there is no “slow coach” under his feet. These improvements should have been made long since, and no doubt if favorite fortune had brought to our shores years ago the enterprising R.G. Reid they would have been. I would very much wish to give you a full description of the ship, but as I am only a passenger who knows little or nothing about the working of such ships, I deem it wiser to leave this to some other more competent pen. But this much COMES WITHIN MY “LINES”- I am capable of appreciating a good thing when I see it, and especially so when I can enjoy it. I can say she is comfort all through: a splendid sea-boat with good speed; her arrangements for a thorough passenger accommodation are on the most modern style, and her freight capacity is quite equal to the traffic of the bay. In a word- she is as near perfection as possible, and being such is the best illustration of the efforts of Mr. Reid to leave nothing undone to secure the comfort and convenience of the traveling public. Offered as the ‘Argyle’ is, from the genial captain, his trustworthy first officer, Mr. Hartigan, down to the “middy”- men of experience in the service- ready and willing to do their work and in a manner agreeable to everyone, we are at length assured of a thoroughly efficient service on Placentia Bay.

I remain, yours truly,

S.S. ‘Argyle,’ Feb.24. PASSENGER

The Evening Harold
March 5, 1900