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Tuesday 2nd April 1912


Messrs. The Reid Newfoundland Co., St. John’s, Newfoundland

Dear Sirs,

Nos. 898 & 906 Ships

Notwithstanding the mention of contract prices made in the formal Agreements for the construction of these steamers, we beg to confirm that we have agreed with you that we shall refund to you the saving (if any) between (a) the actual combined cost of the two steamers plus Establishment Charges plus fixed sums of £4,700 (for No. 898) and £3,500 (for No. 906) for profit to us, and (b) the combined contract prices of £52,000 and £39,000 = £91,000.

You have received from us schedules dated 28th February 1912 for Hull and Machinery respectively showing the items which are charged direct to the ships costs, the fixed percentages upon the costs which we debit for Establishment Charges (Ship & Machinery), and the items which compose these “Establishment Charges”.

It is desirable that the arrangement described in this letter be a private one, known only to our principal officials.

We beg that you will confirm the foregoing to us in a separate letter.

Kindly substitute this letter for that we wrote to you on the 28th February, which kindly cancel and return to us.

Yours faithfully,

For Swan, Hunter, & Wigham Richardson Ltd.

(Sgd) J. Denham Christie, Director.

P.S. Please return to us the 4 original Forms of Contract which are now to be cancelled.

Source: The Rooms, Provincial Archives