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Yesterday afternoon the Reid-Nfld. Co. received a wireless message from Capt. Jacob Kean, via Battle Hr., informing them that the steamer Invermore, while trying to avoid the ice, struck at Brig Hr. Point. A later message said the ship filled rapidly, and that the passengers landed safely. Another message said the steamer was resting on the rocks with her decks above water, and that the weather was fine and water smooth.

The following message was received last night by the Minister of Marine and Fisheries from the Marconi Station at Smokey: “The Invermore ran ashore this morning at Brig Harbour Point. All the passengers were landed. The ship is sill on the rocks.”

The Invermore left here last Saturday for Hopedale and intermediate ports, taking considerable freight and a number of passengers, and was on her way north when she struck. It is evident that she hit the rocks with much force, being heavily ballasted with bunker coal, as she filled very rapidly, and is now resting on the rocks, where she grounded. This morning the S.S Kyle, Capt. Parsons, will be dispatched to the scene, with powerful pumps and other gear, and if the weather continues fine there is hopes of re-floating the wrecked steamer….

The Daily News

July 1, 1914



Messages received by the Reid Nfld. Co. from A.D. Brown, who went north on the S.S. Kyle, are in effect that it will be impossible to refloat the Invermore, which went ashore at Brig Hr. the morning of the 10th inst. The Kyle is anchored only a short distance from where the Invermore struck, being unable to proceed further north owing to ice which surrounds the Invermore. The steamer is totally submerged, and it is believed the bottom is so rent that it would be worse than useless to attempt to refloat her. Nothing is the shape of fittings or cabin furnishings have been saved, and the loss to the Reid Co. will be heavy, as not a cent of insurance is carried.

The Daily News

July 23, 1914