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The latest from the Dundee is to the effect that she is still wedged tightly on the rocks and the possibilities are she will become a total loss. Latest messages said that the ship is now full water and pounding heavily. The Clyde reached the scene of the wreck Saturday afternoon and succeeded that afternoon is taking off the passengers and crew, proceeding with them to Carmanville, whence Capt. Black sent the following message to the Reid Nfld. Co., which really embodies all the information the owners have up to the present time:

“Ran on Grassey Island at 9 p.m. on the 25th. Up to Saturday evening the ship made no water. Sea then hove in and two holes were punched in her bottom from pounding on the rocks. Clyde arrived at 5 p.m. Saturday and took passengers and crew off, and is now at Carmanville on the way to Port Union. An attempt was made to save some of the ship’s furnishings, etc., but this had to be abandoned owing to the heavy sea.”

Up to noon the Clyde was not reported as having left Carmenville or Port Union where she will land the passengers and crew of the wrecked steamer.

The Evening Herald

December 29, 1919