Shipbuilding Quiz




The Splinter Fleet


1.     Who operated the Splinter Fleet?

2.     Where were the ships built?

3.     How many ships made up the fleet?

4.     Which of the following was not a ship of the Splinter Fleet?

a.      MV Clarenville

b.     MV Ferryland

c.     MV Bonavista

d.     MV Burin



The Alphabet Fleet

1.     Where were the ships built?

2.     How many ships were in the fleet?

3.     How many ships were built in 1900?

4.     Which ship served the shortest time?

5.     Which ship operated out of Lewisporte?




Early Shipbuilding

1.     When did Grieve and Bremner launch the Starlight?

2.     Charles Newhook was brought to Trinity to be a master shipbuilder by what mercantile firm?




Shipbuilding Today

1.     How big was Henry Vokey’s first boat? Who was it named after?

2.     How long has there been shipbuilding in Clarenville?

3.     What were the various jobs of Captain Harry Stone’s career?