Shipbuilding Activities


  1. Pretend you are a fisherman looking for money to build a fishing vessel. Write a letter to a funding agency requesting funds for your vessel. Be sure to state whether itís a new ship or an upgrade, your purpose for the ship, the type of vessel (including all dimensions), and the amount of money you think youíll need.



  1. Debate: The introduction of the Trans Canada Highway

Pretend you are the owner of one of the coastal boats that operated back in the early 1900ís. Compile an argument for the continuance of your coastal boat service.




Pretend you are a member of government back in the early 1900ís. Compile an argument for the usage of the Trans Canada Highway and the discontinuance of many of the coastal boats.



  1. What factors do you think led to the diminishing and/or closure of the once thriving shipyards in Newfoundland?



  1. Research:

How many coastal boats serviced Newfoundland in the 1930ís?

How many coastal boats are servicing Newfoundland and Labrador today?

Where do they make their runs? (use a map)

What supplies do they carry?

What future is in store for these vessels?